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The documentation files can be found inside the template package folder.

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Perfectly Designed

Packed with easy to use elements, components and widgets

There are over 50+ unique elements included, that can be bundled together to create even more variations.
Dashboard Elements
There are over 70+ variations of chart boxes, that can be used to show reports and other data in a nice, intuitive manner.
Chart Plugins
Over 13 different chart plugins that cover any aspects that you could think of.
Form Components
Over 10+ different form widgets & components are included in Architect. They shown cover almost all necessities in terms of forms building.
Form Layouts
There is a build in forms validation system. Using the wonderful Bootstrap 4 grid system you can create any form layout you require.
Use dynamic static table, data tables, foo table, jqgrid, Bootstrap 4 Regular Tables or even sortable/filtrable Bootstrap tables.
Helpers & Utilities
Adminos comes packed with CSS helper classes for common actions, background colors appliable to any element, visiblity sensor, loading widgets and many more.
We've included tons of widgets to cover almost every aspect of building simple or complex applications. Counters, Calendars, Progress Bars, Ratings, Maps and many many more.
We've included page for metrics in widget section, where you can find different card for site visitors , income , usgae, server status, percentage distribution, all new alerts e.t.c.

Sample Pages
We've put together usual pages in other pages, so you don't lose time building them from scratch. Login, Forgot Password and Register pages come packed with two versions for each.
Adminos has 4 different dashboard layouts examples included. You can create more dashboards using the powerful Bootstrap 4 grid system, together with the elements and components included.
To show just how powerful Adminos really is, we've set up some examples of application layouts: Mailbox, FAQ Section, Search Result and Chat e.t.c
New Layouts
We'll be adding more layout examples to cover even more use cases in the future.
Fixed Layout Components
Just by adding a CSS class you can make the header, sidebar, footer positions fixed.
Layout Builder
Using just the included CSS helper classes and available elements or components, you can create brand new personalized layouts.

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You're making the smart choice. Adminos is a well built Bootstrap 4 Admin Template of RefineThemes which built for jQuery/HTML